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How to pronounce stationary in British English. How to pronounce stationary in American English. What is the definition of stationary? English pronunciations of stationary from the Cambridge Advanced Learners Dictionary Thesaurus and from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary both sources Cambridge University Press. 2.00 m Likes 104.3 k Followers 4.25 k Fans. Add Cambridge dictionaries to your browser to your website. Word of the Day.
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Jump to navigation search. Not to be confused with stationery. Look up stationary in Wiktionary the free dictionary. In addition to its common meaning the word stationary may have the following specialized scientific meanings. A stationary front is a weather front that is not moving. A time-invariant system quantity such as a constant position or temperature. A steady state physical process such as a vibration at constant amplitude and frequency or a steady fluid flow. A stationary wave is a standing wave. This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the title Stationary.
stationary definition of stationary in English from the Oxford dictionary.
How good is your British English? More games and quizzes. How many words are there in the English language? What is the longest English word? See definition in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. Definition of stationary in English. 1 Not moving or not intended to be moved a car collided with a stationary vehicle. The line of sight stabilisation in elevation and azimuth provides high hit probability for stationary and on the move engagements against stationary and moving targets. The weapon system is stabilised in two axes which allows the vehicle to engage targets stationary or on the move.
Stationary definition of stationary by The Free Dictionary.
established in one place not itinerant or migratory. remaining in the same condition or state not changing. a person or thing that is stationary. Stationary and stationery are both pronounced /'stenri/. However their meanings are completely different. Stationary is an adjective. If a vehicle is stationary it is not moving. There was a stationary car in the middle of the street. Only use the handbrake when your vehicle is stationary. Stationery is a noun. It refers to paper envelopes pens and other equipment used for writing. They sell books and stationery. Get some envelopes from the office stationery cupboard. Thesaurus Antonyms Related Words Synonyms Legend.
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Jump to navigation search. Stationary distribution may refer to. The limiting distribution in a Markov chain. The marginal distribution of a stationary process or stationary time series. The set of joint probability distributions of a stationary process or stationary time series. In some fields of application the term stable distribution is used for the equivalent of a stationary marginal distribution although in probability and statistics the term has a rather different meaning see stable distribution. Crudely stated all of the above are specific cases of a common general concept. A stationary distribution is a specific entity which is unchanged by the effect of some matrix or operator it need not be unique.
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Jump to navigation search. In mathematics and statistics a stationary process or strictly stationary process or strongly stationary process is a stochastic process whose joint probability distribution does not change when shifted in time. Consequently parameters such as the mean and variance if they are present also do not change over time and do not follow any trends. Stationarity is used as a tool in time series analysis where the raw data is often transformed to become stationary for example economic data are often seasonal and/or dependent on a non-stationary price level. An important type of non-stationary process that does not include a trend-like behavior is the cyclostationary process.
Grammar Lesson The difference between stationary and stationery.
Biscuit Trail Home Easily Confused Words Stationary and Stationery. Stationary means not moving. Stationery is writing or office supplies e.g paper pens. The words stationary and stationery sound almost identical but they are very different in meaning. The word stationary means not moving or still. It can used an an adjective or an adverb. We had to wait patiently in a stationary position for the school. Stationary is an adjective in this example. We had to wait stationary for the school shop to open. Stationary is an adverb in this example.
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Previous Post What is the origin of the term scot-free? This pair of confusable homophones words that sound the same and near homographs words that are spelled the same causes no end of spelling-related fails you can spot errors in places as diverse as blogs and online newspapers to scientific writing no one seems immune! In my view it does.
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C15 from Latin statinrius from stati station. motionless standing at a standstill parked fixed moored static inert unmoving stock-still. British English stationary Something that is stationary is not moving. ADJECTIVEStationary cars in traffic jams cause a great deal of pollution. European Spanish detenido detenida. Example Sentences Including stationary. They would not fire until the launch had tied up at the jetty because they would have a far better chance of hitting a stationary target. Leasor James Tank of Serpents. They were all moving so slowly that they seemed almost stationary.
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stationary in British English. r.i / us / ner /. not moving or not changing a stationary car / train The traffic got slower and slower until it was stationary. The rate of inflation has been stationary for several months. Definition of stationary from the Cambridge Advanced Learners Dictionary Thesaurus Cambridge University Press. stationary in American English. stationary adjective not gradable. us / steneri /. not moving or not changing House prices have been stationary for months.

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